Saturday, October 2, 2010

Coverage & Sponsors!

Author: One rather post-wedding tired Diane

Two big THANK YOUS today as we do [all] of our packing/organizing before heading out on our Bruce adventure tomorrow:

1. A BIG THANK YOU to Karen at National Wireless for loaning us a USB internet key and two radio-style phones to keep in touch en route with each other & with everyone out there via this blog!!! I was rather worried about Henri running by himself on the Tobermory to Owen Sound route all this coming week. Now I'll be able to nag him from afar (ha ha!)

2. An uber cool THANK YOU to John Swart for his uber cool article on Henri in today's St. Catharines Standard. Smiley H. is on the 2nd page of the sports section. Online link to the article is HERE!!!

Later kids!  Have a great couple of days and think of us tomorrow as we get up with the sunrise and mingle with Mother Nature and Bell Cellular for 8+ hours on Monday!  

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  1. Thanks for posting the article!! I look forward to reading your updates.
    GO DADDY!!!!