Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 14 - From Terra Cotta to Appleby Line (Milton)

Hey, Scheduled for 44 k today, last nights massage and todays strategy of kinesio tape vs tensor bandage made a huge difference.  Was able to run today for the whole day instead of hobbling through the last 20 km.  Still there was a trail reroute through the Kelso Park that was very poorly marked, causing me to run in circles and do extra mileage! Very demoralizing - Oh well, sh.. happens.  Finished 52.2 k today. Was great to see my brother Hans and family out today on the trail (I now have some champagne to pop when I reach Queenston)!  Charlotte was an awesome pacer on the trail again today and it was great to see Gary Black out.  Today we ran his route which we will be doing later this fall.  ...nice trail!
Tomorrow - Appleby Line (from Rattlesnake Point) through the ITT route and onwards to Waterdown (Clappisons Cut) 48.4 km.


  1. nice to see where you are gonna be - want to get out and cheer!

  2. Hey Henri

    It was great to see you yesterday, in person, sweaty, cheerful and with a quiet focus like you've somehow zenned this whole thing and could keep going for weeks! Congrats once again. You're amazing. Hans and crew.

  3. Was on the trail to day. Dundas area. The scenery was fantastic. I am envious that you get to do this every day. spence