Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quick update from "the field"

Diane here.  Just waiting for Henri to come into "stop no.2" on the second last day (top of Wolverton Hill).  He is reporting no pain in either of his legs and despite both of us being a tad disappointed in ending the journey on familiar territory, there really is no other place we'd like to be right now.

The Bruce is beautiful.  Really, in comparison to road running, there are very few people that hike or run on these trails so there is so much peace to be experienced out here.  I know as the man that tried to control his Doberman-like dog yesterday on the trails from nipping at me said that no one ever hikes along in back of his house.

Right now, our estimated arrival time at the southern Bruce cairn is 2:30 p.m. - but that will probably be pushed forward as Henri takes the time to run with others tomorrow & take longer breaks (and dependent too on leg/knee strength).

Ciao for now...

Start just off of Dewitt Rd. this morning in Stoney Creek
Navigating the maze on McNeily Rd. in Grimsby

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