Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Author: Zen like Diane

It's 10 a.m. here on day 3, Wednesday October the 6th.  It is incredibly quiet as we travel along Rush Cove.  It is also quite isolated.  Both Henri and I are in great spirits.  The weather is smashing to boot. 

Our internet access failed us last night and I'm finding that we have scant time to do anything else.  All is good though.  Our evenings consist of showers, cleaning the day's clothing, happy hour, supper, plugging in all the electronic gear & going over the next day's maps.

I can definitely say from crewing in Badwater & on Charlotte's Bruce Trail record, this is an adventure on its own.  Henri carries his own map and needs to pay attention to where he's going as it's just him out there. So far, I've joined him at the end of each day for ~ a 5k run together out.  I'm really feeling the sense of adventure with the coordinated map reading.  I'm also dreaming of our 2011 adventure...The Andes? The Alps? The west coast?

Later kids!


  1. What an amazing adventure! Glad to hear the weather is great!
    Happy Trails to you until we meet again!

  2. I vote for the West Coast as the 2011 adventure!!!!