Thursday, October 28, 2010

Post Journey Reflection

I have the satisfaction of accomplishing a long, arduous running trek and the realization of a long held dream. We brought new attention to the need for conserving the trail and hopefully spurred awareness or re-kindled peoples’ interest in the trail enough to get involved.
Looking back at this trek, I will remember; the focus required to keep to the leaf littered trail, dancing from rock to rock, on top of or over roots, identifying footing hazards, stopping to gaze at the views , the zen state, the physical effort, the push through pain or sometimes just trying to manage a pace through the pain, shuffling through the leaves and most of all running surrounded by the natural wonders so abundant on the Bruce Trail.
I will also remember the enormous amount of help and encouragement from Di, crew, pacers, family and friends.
Will I miss the journey? … Yes, I already am.
What next? … Well, my leg muscles (quads, calves & hamstrings) are still tight. We went for an hour walk in ShortHills Park by moonlight last evening and I discovered that my legs are still quite tired too. Possibly another journey is in the future, but right now I think I will just pause, reflect and enjoy the feeling.

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