Saturday, October 16, 2010

As Joe Walsh says, "It's hard to leave when you can't find the door..."

This morning, we left a bit earlier than usual to pick Charlotte up down the road. But it's hard to leave when you can't get your crew vehicle out of the long driveway...

Kind of like Joe Walsh sings. You know the tune - "Life's been good to me so far" and the one line about him having so much fun at a party that he can't leave if he can't find the door. Well...much to Henri's grand embarrassment at my driving, I just couldn't get the van out of John and Sue's country driveway this morning. Back and forth, waves from Sue in the kitchen facing out on the driveway, me laughing silly, Henri saying "more this way, more that way" and...well imagine this headline:

"After 600 km, local man's journey to complete the Bruce Trail from end to end "ends" in country driveway in Mono."

As you can probably guess, this story has a happy ending as I'm here writing this. We met Char for an 8:04 a.m. start on 7th line just east of Airport road. On schedule, on time this lovely 13th day of his run. And as usual, he's maintaining a 8:50 to 8:05 minute per kilometre pace. Lots of road though which kills a trail runner's spirit. Nonetheless...great day...can't believe this lovely journey has an end to it. Viva la Bruce!

Charlotte and Henri at the start of Saturday's Bruce Trail 50k.


  1. Awesome job Henri !!!! Hang in there !!! I thought you were just supposed to run, not direct the car out of the driveway !!!!!

  2. All right there from the guy who hit my car on Char's trip while my car was parked!

  3. Just put the van on auto pilot. Guess I didn't show you that feature. Let the force be with you Henri! (((hugs)))