Thursday, October 7, 2010

Author: The guy that SHOULD be leaving for the trails NOW

Its 730 and we are leaving dhortly for day 4!  The trals are bearutiful yet so cruel.  The nature is awesome but I swear the trail creators were looking for every bit of gmarly rock, hill & cliff, they even make me run along the edge of the cliff face, (which I don't enjoy!)  So far so good, no critical feet issues!  catch you up later!  Henri


  1. Hang in there....keep 'em dry, eat and sleep well ! Hope you have some company soon, but later is certainly more important than earlier !

  2. Love the Blog Henri. Enjoy the experiance.I relive some of the trail as I follow your progress.

  3. Keep running
    from calvin

  4. Enjoy the trails Henri! Watch out for that rock... under the leaves... by the edge of the trail. ;-) Have a great time!
    Happy feet,

  5. Hey Hen
    Keep it up bro. Hope to see you on the trail next week. Not sure which day yet. Probably closer to the weekend. Let us know if the schedule changes. Cheers Hans
    PS Diane needs to change the timezone from Pacific to Eastern on the blog options page! Nerds at Google think everyone should be on CA time!

  6. This is an amazing journey Henri. Love the photos! Stay healthy!
    Cheers, Jerry

  7. You guys rock!!!!! LOL


  8. So great to be able to check in on you like this Henri & Di! What a fantastic adventure! Oh the looks I get when I mention it to others, particularly non-runners. Very proud (and a l'il jealous) of you both! Keep it up!! :)

  9. Thanks everyone for the comments. I make Henri read them or read them to him. Although I was still a bit burnt out from the choco race and worried about this venture from a sleep & work standpoint, I will say that it is the "lifestyle" I've always dreamed about. I can REALLY feel what it's like to be a part of a very large goal - a dream. Henri speaks often of this as his dream. Definitely tres cool to witness first hand.