Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cowboys, Crooks & Candy

So there I was sitting at the first stop this morning waiting for Henri just atop of Blue Mountain.  It was a mighty cold start to the day but the views were just spectacular.  Can you believe that this was my "office view" this morning:

I was so compelled by this view, that I started out on a short hike down the grass-covered hill at about 9:15 a.m.'ish.  Henri had about another half hour or more till he reached me - or so I thought.

Well giddy up cowboy as the next hour was filled with mad dashes, sweatin' panic and searching - once again - for my runner up and down sideroads this side of hell's half acre.  Yuppers - there's a grand old mistake on the Bruce Trail map and even though we thought there might be, we kind of brushed it off in the excitement of starting the day.  Looks like what was suppose to be an "8" was printed as a "3" on the BT map and Henri sailed through the section above the Blue Mountain ski trails.  So what was suppose to be an hour and half section was probably only twenty minutes.

It made a greeeat exciting start to the morning as I wizzed up and down twisty turny and narrow sideroads searching for Henri.  I left bottles at one spot in case I was wrong.  Finally, after a few zips here and zags there, I spotted him walking up a long steep road, arms crossed to stay warm.

So that was my cowboy start to the day and dam I loved it!

After five whole days of unbelievable progress, today was a slow one.  Henri felt his right quad and knee beginning to seize up sometime last weekend.  Today was near-full seizure.  Was it his speed?  His dashing about the rocks and downhills?  Or was it just due time that the ups and downs of the mid-Bruce finally took a jab out of his quad muscles?

Henri's been robbed of his child-like style which had him joyfully frolicking down rock lined trails and steeps for the past while.  CROOKS!  But hey...we've got some secret rub that Charlotte gave us to put on his sore quad/knee and it's time to slow down and focus on the conversation with folks that run with him.  I hid in the bushes today to capture this neat-o shot of Henri and Bill coming out of Pretty River trail (admist full convo):

Have you tried candy tongue? Or something like that - the tongue shaped sugary treats that are sooooo delicious?  Thanks to Cath that brought us some on her grocery trip mid-day today.  They were definitely a perky addition to the day!

And keeping on the theme of candy, check out this "sweet" spread that Pierre and Lee Anne prepared for us:

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  1. Henri and Diane, The posts just keep getting better! Thanks for taking the time. We’ll raise a glass to you this Sunday at “Henri” of Pelham winery!!