Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 7 in the bag

Just a quick update from the field - Henri finished 50 km today at around 4:27 p.m.  Although I turned over control to a new crew today at 1 p.m., it is evident from a time standpoint that he is in a "get stronger" phase.  That is, his times show that his pace has picked up through the week.

At the 12:30 checkpoint, he had a bit of a slow point and reported feeling muscular soreness.  I did ask him to slow down given the day's heat (and Henri is not a hot weather runner).  Nonetheless, reports from the field show that he finished strong. 

A dinner out tonight with Tracey (new crew) and Greg (fellow runner) in Thornbury and early to bed for a killer Monday.  I'll be back with the crew tomorrow night as I'm a bit culture shocked from reentering "civilization."  You can't hear any cows mooing down here in the city! 

Everyone looks forward to Charlotte joining in and her friend Chris.  It's an honour to have Char with us as her speed record of the Bruce this past June is even more astonishing now that I'm living and breathing the Bruce!


  1. I love the updates!! I wish I could be there to run with you... even for just a few kms! I'm so proud of you daddy, what you are doing is amazing!!

  2. Thanks Ash,
    Your thoughts are so appreciated. The Bruce is beautiful and so many people are supporting it is great. I'm in pretty good shape too! ;) Dad