Thursday, October 14, 2010

21 ways to fix a knee/quad problem

Okay so maybe there are only 5 or so ways.  The point is, we've gone from 13 to 18 minute kilometres of hiking only yesterday back to 8.13 to 8.57 kilometres today (and all running!).  Here are some funky things we did to address Henri's knee/quad problem that had him limping and not running yesterday:

-natural anti-inflammatory cream from Charlotte massaged into the knee & quad area
-white body tape, redone to actually make it looser while he was hiking
-material knee brace over the above tape when he really slowed down
-more Charlotte cream when we arrived at Lee Anne & Pierres, mixed with an Australian cab-sauv (one for the skin, one for the mouth and mind)
-sauna and massage
-stretching in the morning
-tensor bandage, applied by Hen but artfully pinned by Di
-sight of Greg knocking at our door at 7 a.m.'ish ready to head out with Hen for the day

-and of course, things en route like Di's Diner:

-and the ham (hamming actually):

Right-e-o.  Have to buzz as the guys will be in in about 20 minutes & I've got to check out a piece of property up here spotted en route (a pastime I've developed - investigating beaudacious properties close to the Bruce).


  1. Hi Hen and Di,
    I hope the rain doesn't get to you too much. Best wishes, thinking of you, love, Eloise Bill and C.C. Di can you check your facebook messages for me.

  2. Looking good - keep it up!