Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hmmm...things haven't changed in five days and I'm afraid y'all will become bored if I tell you, once again, that Henri smoked today.  Yup, started at 8:30 this morning and finished at 5:21 on day nine.  This also marks the half way point in his journey.

He started out the day with ultra runner and super nice guy, Ron from up this way:

Based on my anal pace calculations at each stop, I advised them to slow down.  But no way Jose, Henri was just dancing all over the rock-covered downhills of the Bruce.  Ron even indulged in our tempting van fare of all things cheesy (and a beer when he was done) as I do think Henri gave him a good trail run today (and I would only guess that he normally has a much more selective diet to keep himself trim).

So...what to write about today that will entertain you?  Well, there is one thing ... the "BLISTER."  Yup, Henri has one.  It's been there since day number two.  It's colourful too!  After about 450 kilometres, here's the ugly little blister that sits silently on his big toe:

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  1. Blister ????? that looked like a pimple to me.... :)Just kidding ....you're doing great !