Monday, October 4, 2010

Author: Almost fired Diane

Day 1 - Almost fired Diane

Today I barely saw "the runner".  I would have fired me.  Henri's too nice to fire me.  You see, I saw him at the 5.2k mark this morning and after that, I spent the next six hours looking for him.  I even told the very nice gas station attendant that I lost "the runner."

It's easy to do.  We basically underestimated timing, neither of us having ever run the Tobermory section of the Bruce before, were unfamiliar with the "tough" and therefore "slow" terrain.  Our "fail safe" method of marking a meeting spot to indicate one of us had been by also failed (i.e. Henri was to leave some tp under a rock.  Well, there were rocks abound with one piece of tp in sight at the meeting point in question so I left, figuring I did see "the sign" that he'd been by).

Nonetheless, we found each other at around three this aft.  I jumped up and down like a lunatic when I saw him coming down the trail.  I was scared for a bit that I'd have to explain to his family that I lost him.  I also had images of Jack Nicholson in "The Shining" on my brain...not sure why.  And to top it all off, when I wandered along the trail looking for Henri, there was a very strong smell of fresh animal poop - probably a massive bear as the poop smell was VERY strong.

Over to you Hen...

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