Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sat Oct 16th - Day 13

Day 13 and still going strong.  I think the key is doing a manageable 50 km a day.  My right quadricep muscle has been a issue for the last couple of days.  It has tightened up like a charliehorse and limits my speed to a half walk, half shuffle by mid day.  The good thing is that I think I have mastered the apesters technique for a quick ground covering half-walk, half-jog that sees me through with some speed and manages the pain level.  This aft was better so keeping my fingers crossed. 
On an other level the Bruce Trail is still beautiful with the fall leaves and each day on the trail is a joy.  Thanks to Greg for running on Thursday, Stephan and Kinga who helped and paced yesterday and to Charlotte who ran with me today.   And of course the capable Di who enjoys the logistics and keeps me organized and running.  Thanks everyone!



  1. Hi Hen,
    We are rooting for you. Running through the pain. Love Elo, Bill and c.c.

  2. I follow your progress daily after I read about your remarkable run in John Swart's column in The Standard. I am enjoying your blog and cheering you on from afar. One small suggestion, could you tell us where you are each day, the nearest town? It will make it easier to watch you get closer and closer to your goal.

  3. We missed you at Vulture Bait but I can assure you we were all running along side you in spirit!