Friday, October 15, 2010

End to end, foot by foot, bacon egg mcmuffin to bacon egg mcmuffin

Henri and I love bacon egg mcmuffins and thought it would be an excellent addition to his daily caloric intake on the Bruce.  So from time to time, I zip into a town & pick one up, or we have one en route to the trailhead at the start of the day.

Here's the thing, a bacon egg mcmuffin is not a bacon egg mcmuffin is not a bacon egg mcmuffin.  They're all made different.  Timmys - yummy.  But have you noticed it's a bit chewy?  I think the stellar performer comes from McDonalds, as per our Bruce mcTesting. 

That was until today.  With an 8:04 a.m. start on day 12, and feeling another smoker coming on, I thought I'd better treat him to some intense and dense calories early on in the day. I mean the guy is ripping through aid stations in about four minutes, not the usual ten.  Now, Kinga is with him and y'all probably know what that means....quick, quick, quick and most efficient!

Mind you, our new sore/stiff knee/quad theory, as shared by Lee Anne this morning, is that the sore knee syndrome starts around 40 k.  Yup - yesterday, he slowed at 40k.  So I'm thinking he's going to need most calories early on as this is when he's going the fastest.

So - my point is - I"ve have found THE bacon egg mcmuffin.  It just melted in my mouth moments ago - and the pieces I fed into Henri's mouth while he practically jogged through this aid station were met with a smile of sincere satisfaction.  Where did I buy this sandwich of delight?   The four corner stop on Hwy 89 on the way to dirty girls - you know, where Champ Burger is.  I think the actual donut stop is Pete's Deli/Donuts or something like that.


  1. Hey Henri and Diane, thanks so much for sharing your day to day journey - I am really enjoying following on line! Enjoy every step of it - the memory you create will be with you for many years to come! Damm, we are all blessed to have the Bruce Trail!

  2. Wow! Henri and you are realy moving, Did you know the Champ Burger there has a Drive through, For snow machines! enjoy my old stomping ground. spence

  3. Hi Henri and Di! An old friend (I'm talking the earth was cooling) used to own Pete's donut before it was Pete's. Joe Little started it way back when! Good location and still good food! Keep trucking Henry. Enjoy the weather down south.

  4. Only 6 more days Henri!! Hoping to see you at Queenston on Thursday. Did you get my text?

  5. Henri,
    Thanks for a great morning on the trails! Really enjoyed the trails, the scenery, the special yellow light in the forest, the conversations. You're an awesome runner! Keep on trucking!
    Most memorable moment: watching a "black stick" running around in the tall grass and then turning into a wild turkey taking off and flying over the some bushes.

  6. Hi Henri,
    You looked amazingly strong out there this afternoon. It was great running running with you and good luck with the rest of the journey.

  7. That's so funny ! That was the place we got the breakfast sandwiches that made Joany do her imitation of Charlotte inhaling the thing..... :)

  8. The FUNNY thing is, both Stephan and I thought that the girls behind the counter were looking at us VERY strangely - as if "they knew something." Too funny!

  9. Found myself doing work just south of Pete's Donuts @ hwy89 & hwy10. Sooo tempted to stop in afterwards for one of their acclaimed bacon and egg mcmuffins!! After a few hours in the rain/snow I may have devoured it right at the counter!! One of these days...