Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 5: Sliding a bit sideways

Diane here on behalf of Henri who is doing well but a bit wiped.  Today was day 5 on the trails and some 250 km total.  Henri is doing great but today was our first "wee bit tough" day.  At the start of Kemble Rock/Mountain, logging has the trails all chewed up.  So footing was bad.  Kind of like waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

He did have an energy lull before noon and I could tell that he was just "different" today.  Perhaps it was our decision to bypass Timmys on the way into the trails (which we both regretted minutes down the road) or maybe we can put it down to a restless sleep in the Wiarton motel.  As we've now learned from an evening with Doug and Joanne Barber, it may have been the motel.  For the ultra runners out there, you'll have to ask Joanne what's up with the motel.

Here's a short sideways video I shot of Henri coming up a crevass this aft.

 For all the inquiries, Henri is exactly on schedule. I (Diane) do update the link to the schedule on this blog.  Keep in mind, that it is still EARLY so anything can happen.

Henri would like me to share that he credits Chi energy drink to saving his day today, he saw 3 black squirrels (I saw 4) and he picked up a lucky penny on the trails today.

It's late so I'll say good night and wish you all were here!


  1. May I commend you both on your spirit!!! LOVED the video clip. I watched it three times to giggle myself silly. Can hardly wait to get there.

    Oh give me a H give me an E give me a N give me a R give me an I what does it spell??????? HENRI!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Diane. Henri is doing Fantastic. I have been on some of the sections up there and know how tough they are. Imposible to run. Henri should be in my old stomping area Oct 16. When I am doing the Vulture Bait. I will try and catch up to (crew) Oct 18 or 19. were ever you happen to be on those days spence

  3. Hi to both of you, keep your spirits up Hen. We are rooting for you. Weather seems to have been wonderful, more to come. Love Elo, Bill and C. and C.