Friday, October 22, 2010

The dream accomplished

Click picture below to watch the "Southern Cairn" video:

More Photos:

Shadows of the Bruce

Henri and his daughter Alisha on the last morning

Approaching the Welland Canal

Passing the double blazes of the Bruce

The last morning.
Last run with Henri on Day 18

The "last meal"

Henri in Hamilton

With Kinga in Mono Mills

Henri's incredibly healthy feet

Henri and Diane at the Southern Cairn

Henri and his mom Marty at the Southern Cairn

Our shoes on the Southern Cairn (we did the same photo on the Northern Cairn)

Waving the Canadian and Dutch flags at the finish

Henri, Diane and Don footing the Southern Cairn

"Master of the Bruce" cake that Alisha surprised her dad with

Cutting the cake at the finish


  1. Great pictures! Henri has the biggest smile I have ever seen. Great effort and accomplishment. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations! Nicely done!
    The Bruce has been good to you because you have been good to it, too. I'm still amazed you finished with essentially intact feet!
    It was amazing to witness The Zen of Henri on the trails. You are one very inspiring man.
    Thanks for the good times! Enjoy a well-deserved rest both of you. Good job Diane!

  3. Congratulations Henri!
    Like Kinga, I'm amazed at how easy you made it look(which I know it's not).
    And Diane, nicely done with keeping this adventure rolling.