Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prep Week

Author: Diane

Bye Bye and Happy Birthday Party for Henri are done and thanks all for coming out.  Thank you VERY MUCH for the lovely bottles of red wine which will help boost up the celebratory part of this adventure.

It's a crazy busy week as you could imagine BUT before we put the finishing touches on our planning, one of the twins is getting married THIS FRIDAY.  Yup - Alisha and Aaron are getting married at one o'clock on Friday here in Niagara on the Lake [Henri has 3 kids, 2 of which are twin girls].  The conversations are kind of funny in our house this week as they range from "oh oh, I've got poison ivy AND hives" [oh brother!] to "the receiving line will actually be at the Church."

Please join us in Henri's "adventure of a lifetime" by either coming out to crew/pace, following along on this blog or participating in KEEN'S "Boots give back" program - which we are DIGGING!!!

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